Hello Lisbeth!

Over the moon to have this opportunity to work with you! The following is a work agreement laying out the scope of your project as it currently stands followed by a quote. During our meeting together we established a few main goals with the priority being your divineAF card deck sales and your divineAF retreat. The scope of the project involves a full migration from Podia, Squarespace and Mailchimp over to Kajabi and Shopify (+ Vervante), including list building, branding and marketing strategies. Please look over the details for any inaccuracies or if you agree with all, please sign the document in the space provided to accept this work agreement.

1. Goals

Our service will focus on a website overhaul according to the details laid out in this proposal for the purpose of stimulating sales for the DivineAF card deck and the Divine Timing Retreat, along with other digital products. This will entail:

  • Optimising pages for conversions.
  • Developing consistent messaging across all platforms to develop brand identity.
  • Identifying and implementing lead generation strategies.

Deliverables in order of priority:
1. Divine timing retreats landing page
2. Lead magnets for DivineAF gif and main email funnel
3. Set up shopify and integrate vervante
4. Landing page for DivineAF deck + email nurture sequence (invites to retreat)
5. Manifestation Made Simple Course from Podia to Kajabi + Sales Page
6. DivineAF digital guidebook
7. Kajabi site: Home, About, Blog + Checkout Pages, Course Pages, Contact Page
8. Upsell for card deck purchase: how to channel divine intelligence.
9. Migrate blog from square space
10. Migrate podia & mailchimp lists + optimise in Kajabi
11. Google analytics + search console
12. Set up new Facebook + IG pages
13. Branding (to match card deck aesthetic).
14. Marketing + list building strategies (see 5.2.)
15. Copy writing for some pages (see 5.3.)

2. Products

The following digital products will be made available in Kajabi.

3. Lead Magnets

The following lead magnets will be set up.

4. Websites & Mail List

Kajabi and Shopify websites plus blog. Third party applications may apply and licensing for those are not included in the quote. You will be consulted before we use any third party applications.

5. Other Services

Develop initial marketing strategy + a full brand identity

6. Handover & Launch

Launch all the things!

7. Timeline

A rough schedule that commences immediately upon payment. This is a rough layout of the focal point for each week but the tasks do tend to change as we start working on it live (often additional tasks pop up during the process but they will usually be included in this quote for the purposes of completing the deliverables mentioned in section 1).

We will focus on your brand identity this week. Including image styles, color palettes, typography, mood boards, messaging, bringing out the authentic voice and vibe of your brand.

We will develop a custom branded design for your site. A mockup will be sent to you for approval. The look and feel would match the vibe of your card deck and your personality. A divine feminine aesthetic will be implemented encouraging conversions from your target market.

This will include design assets you can access through canva for ease of use (example: branded thumbnail templates for your blog posts). We usually provide a mockup for the home page but since the Divine Timing Retreat is a higher priority to you, we will develop your brand identity, using the sales page.

You will be notified of any third party licensing requirements which will only be acquired with your approval.

Three rounds of revisions are included.

The approved sales page design will be implemented in Kajabi and optimised for conversions. The divine timing integration course will be migrated from Podia. The checkout page will be customised including upsells. Pipeline will be created, granting access to the course materials, plus sending out zoom retreat details. This can be automated, along with custom emails that need to go out both before and after the retreat.

The divineAF gif landing page will be created + mailing lists consolidated and student data migrated. Lead magnet for now: manifestation made simple course.

So for this week the tasks would be:
Create the divineAF landing page with the opt in for the manifestation course.

Migrate the manifestation course over to Kajabi along with existing users if any. This may also entail sending out an email to the existing customers to let them know about the migration and to give them access to the course from the new system.

The course pages will need to be set up including the registration page for the Manifestation course.

Consolidate and organise all mailing lists from mailchimp and Podia.

We will focus on the physical card deck. Set up Shopify pages to match brand consistency. Optimise the checkout page with email opt-ins plus vervante and Kajabi integration. Create a landing page for the card decks either on Kajabi or inside Shopify or both.

Email opt-in: nuture sequence upselling the retreat? (will need more details on this).

Upsell: how to channel divine intelligence. This course will be created in Kajabi this week as well.

Create other pages within Kajabi. Home, About, Contact, Blog. All content from Squarespace will be migrated and/or exported for safekeeping.

Google analytics and search console sitemap submission.

Design elements optimised for mobile devices.

The domain will be swapped over to Kajabi (lisbethoverton.com)

We will discuss a few marketing strategies to implement including how to maintain brand consistency across multiple platforms and how to optimise all content toward conversions.

We will also set up all the social media accounts with brand consistency (this will likely happen a bit earlier on though).

Thumbnail and banner designs for social media accounts will also be made available and accessible for future content.

We will spend this week rounding off things, migrating any remaining data or exporting them for safekeeping/repurposing. Closing off old accounts, removing duplicate content. Wrapping up any tasks that lagged behind for any reason and celebrating the final stretch.

Yay! A brand new sparkly website, branded, optimised and ready to go out into the world. We will go over everything you need to know to effectively run the site and I will create tutorials where needed. If inspired, a launch promo could be done (for which I’ll gladly help with at no additional cost).

8. Quote

Below is the cost for implementing the above work agreement. Payment is made over two months (first payment is required to commence). If a longer payment term is required, please do let me know and we can arrange for that.

Paypal: admin@EccentricHusky.com

Work DescriptionAmount
All items as described in the work agreement2 x $2899
Total $5798
Total Due Now$2899
All amounts are in USD

9. Signature

By filling this form in, you are approving of the above work agreement. A copy will be sent to you in PDF format.

Work Agreement
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