Hello Andrey!

Absolutely thrilled to have this opportunity to work with you! Here’s an initial quote based on discussions with Katie Helms. Should you accept the quote, please sign the form below.

1. Goals

Our service will focus on a website built on squarespace with the following features:

  • Build a site similar to SabiaWade – with your own branding.
  • Developing consistent messaging across all platforms to develop brand identity.
  • Implementing lead generation strategies including email list building features.
  • Incorporating e-commerce capabilities to sell a mentoring program.

Deliverables in order of priority:
1. Website created in SquareSpace
2. Lead capture funnel
3. Product launch funnel

2. Products

The following digital product will be included.

2.1. Mentoring Program

Sales Page
Thank You Page
Setting Up The Online Checkout
Set Up Payment Gateways
Set Up Product Launch Funnel

3. Lead Magnets

Lead capture functionality.

3.1. Lead Magnet Opt In

Landing Page + TY Page
Lead Magnet Email Funnel

4. Website Design

Third party applications may apply and licensing for those are not included in the quote. You will be consulted before we use any third party applications.

4.1. Squarespace Website

Initial Consultation
Understanding your specific needs and preferences.
Determining the site structure, number of pages, and special features.

Design and Layout
Custom design tailored to your brand.
Selection and customization of a Squarespace template.
Responsive design for mobile and tablet compatibility.

Setting up navigation menus.
Adding contact forms, email sign-ups, CTA buttons and other interactive elements.
Integration with social media and other third-party services.

5. Other Services

Integrate other functionality to help you track site performance.

5.1. SEO and Analytics

Basic on-page SEO optimization.
Setting up Google Analytics and other tracking tools.

6. Handover & Launch

Launch all the things!

6.1. Launch Time

Testing of all components including load times
Video tutorials for any aspects you need assistance with.
Images to use in social media to celebrate your launch!

7. Timeline

A rough schedule that commences immediately upon payment. This is a rough layout of the focal point for each week but the tasks do tend to change as we start working on it live (often additional tasks pop up during the process but they will usually be included in this quote for the purposes of completing the deliverables mentioned in section 1).

We will focus on your brand identity this week. Including image styles, color palettes, typography, mood boards, messaging, voice and tone.

We will develop a custom branded design for your site. A mockup will be sent to you for approval.

You will be notified of any third party licensing requirements which will only be acquired with your approval.

Three rounds of revisions are included.

The approved mockup will be implemented in SquareSpace. The design and layout for the home page and key pages will be created. We’ll populate the pages with your content, copy, images, videos and media. Proofreading your copy and one round of refinement is included.

(Should you require additional copy writing, image design or other media – additional fees may apply and you will be notified before proceeding).

*We will consult with you before implementing any content that requires licenses, and we assume that you have obtained licenses for any and all media you provide to us.

We will develop, integrate and test all special functionality, call to actions, contact forms, social media integration, google analytics, lead magnet forms, funnel tools and basic SEO.

We will review the site with you, gather feedback, and make adjustments. Conduct thorough testing for compatibility and functionality.

Launch: Yay! A brand new sparkly website, branded, optimised and ready to go out into the world. We will go over everything you need to know to effectively run the site and I will create tutorials where needed.

1 Month Of Free Service:

You may use this month to make any necessary updates or edits to existing content.
Add new blog posts or media as needed (up to 10 blog posts).
Changes to your existing sales funnel.
Make minor design adjustments based on feedback and user experience.
Up to 2 new landing pages/website pages.

Maintenance and Updates: Optional retainer at $60/hr or a monthly maintenance package tailored to your specific needs.

Services that may be included as needed:

Regular Content Updates

Adding or updating text, images, and videos.
Posting new blog articles or news updates.
Updating product pages.
Technical Support and Troubleshooting.

Copy writing
Writing blog posts/newsletters.
Writing email sequences.
Writing new copy for new page.
Refining copy on existing pages.

Fixing any website issues or bugs that arise.
Ensuring compatibility with new browser updates.
Addressing any technical problems promptly.
Performance Monitoring and Optimization

Email sequences & funnel optimisation
Create/update email sequences.
Create new funnels.
Update existing funnels.

Monitoring site performance and speed.
Implementing improvements to enhance load times.
Regularly checking for and resolving broken links or errors.
Monitoring and reporting on website analytics.
Adjusting strategies based on performance data.

Regularly updating the website’s security measures.
Monitoring for and addressing any security vulnerabilities.
Ensuring SSL certificates are up to date.
Backup Services

Regular backups of the website’s content and data.
Restoring the website from a backup if needed.
Keeping backup records for a specified period.

Design and Layout Tweaks
Making minor design adjustments based on feedback.
Ensuring the website remains visually appealing and functional.
Updating website layout as needed.
Software and Plugin Updates

Regular updates of Squarespace software and any integrated plugins.
Ensuring compatibility with the latest versions.
Testing updates to prevent conflicts.

8. Quote

Below is the cost for implementing the above project. Payment is made over two months (first payment is required to commence). If a longer payment term is required, please do let me know and we can arrange for that.

Work DescriptionAmount
All items as described in the work agreement
Total $3400
Total Due To Begin$1700
All amounts are in USD. Longer Payment Terms Can Be Arranged.

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